10 Tried and Tested Ways To Increase Sales On Amazon In 2021

increase sales on Amazon



Time needed: 20 minutes

Amazon started up 20 years back as an online bookstore and is now the world’s trendiest and biggest internet retailer. It gives the third-party sellers an amazing chance to make a good amount of money. It has been gaining popularity and continues to rise every single day. Every single minute $88,000 are spent on Amazon so today we thought it would be a great idea to share a few tips and tricks with you on how one can Increase Sales On Amaz


    Creating a catalog and accurately listing them has a lot of benefits. It is essential for a customer to be able to understand your product before buying it. While shopping on Amazon, people search for the product they’re looking for. These keywords should be matched to the product description for them to have a look. That is the reason why it is so essential for you to supply complete information.


    It is necessary to master how critical the customer reviews are. 89% of the customers claim that they trust the feedback and reviews as much as someone’s personal recommendations. Product reviews with videos and images of the products give the customer more confidence to buy and understanding the product. Update As of late 2018 giving more than 20% discount and taking reviews will result in unverified reviews. So it’s advised to run a full-priced giveaway.


    A professional image may do a lot more than any regular image. Send your products to a professional photographer to get the perfect angle, lighting, etc for a perfect picture to demonstrate your products. A perfect picture of what your product looks like would attract more buyers.


    Amazon sponsored ads are easy to access and are a lot more effective. This qualifies your products to be visible to the buyer below the search textbox or on the right corner of the page. This also helps you to keep a check on what on what people searched for or have purchased your products.


    Good feedbacks and customer service do a lot, but something like providing your buyers a promo code or discount would make it hard for the buyer to resist. Example: Given discounts such as buy 1 product and get the 2nd one at 50% to 60% free is a hard-to-resist-deal and can enlarge your sales instantly.


    Like point 4 but in a more exciting way you can give away a product for 90% discount in return of a review as giving a 100% discount is not permissible according to the rules and regulations of Amazon. This will ensure your customers that you keep their profits in your mind and will instantly enhance your ranking.


    There could be a reason why customers do visit your listing page but do not buy it. Yes, it’s because of inappropriate description, weak language which does not attract buyers. It is necessary to keep updating your description as these little things could increase your sales dramatically. If you are not sure about how to proceed with product descriptions, you could easily hire a copywriter.


    Amazon not only looks at the customer reviews, ratings, or prices while rank a listing, it also reviews the keywords of the title. Amazon has an option for keyword stuffing for the title of the product. There is a limit of 200 characters for the product title; it is essential to add as many keywords as you can to ensure that your product is visible. According to the suggestions of Amazon, you could include the name of the brand, description, color, size, etc. Keywords increase the visibility of your product and help to Increase Sales On Amazon.


    Pricing the products efficiently is the key to victory. Customers have always purchased items based on their prices. Considering all your costs, it is essential to predict what prices would be profitable to you. It is mandatory that the cost is reasonable to be on the 1st page of the listing on Amazon. You can also use the Amazon automate pricing tool which can help you in very little time. As for every on online shopping is an option where they can get products cheaper than the market, so keeping pricing according to the customer expectations helps you to Increase Sales On Amazon.


    Cheating and being dishonest with your customers can result in success in the short term, but in a long run with honesty and great customer service you can reach heights. You can lie about products, etc, and cheat people but after a certain point people will understand and avoid your products and your fortune will come to an end. This is the reason why being honest and creating trust between your customers is very important.

  11. Brand Post

    Brand post is the Amazon social media platform like Instagram as of 2021, you can earn free traffic to your Amazon Product Listings. It also helps in getting more visibility across Amazon as Posts are being displayed under search results on desktop and mobile. You can also tag your products and customers can directly buy from there.

  12. Conversion Rate Optimization

    Amazon is committed to providing its customers amazing experience and it has been their vision from the start. If more and more people are buying products using the same keyword, Amazon gives more visibility and rank on those keywords. Overall if your conversion rate is around 50%, Amazon will give you good visibility and sales. You can check the conversion rate from business reports, go to Detail Page Sales and Traffic By Child Item and look for the Unit Session %age column, that is the conversion rate.

Gaurav is an Amazon Seller Success Consultant, with vast experience in managing every aspect of Amazon Selling from Listing to Sponsored Ads.

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