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Amazon Automatic PPC Campaigns for Profits : A Guide for Beginners

Running profitable Amazon PPC Automatic Campaigns is easier than you think. All it takes is a little bit of research and some patience. If you are thinking about running an automatic campaign for the first time, this guide will help make your experience as easy as possible! The first thing that we should take care of is setting our automatic campaign budget! The initial budget that we choose should be low, and easily manageable. We don’t want to start off with a budget that is too high because it might prevent our campaign from running profitably. We can always increase […]

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Amazon PPC Management: The Ultimate Guide to Boosting Sales and Profitability

Amazon PPC Management Strategies

The Amazon marketplace is a great place to sell your products. But, with so many Amazon sellers out there, it can be hard to get the visibility and sales you want. This blog post will teach you how to reduce ACOS by doing Amazon PPC management in the right way, find profitable keywords and use different types of amazon PPC campaigns in order to gain more visibility and increase your revenue! 1) Find Correct keywords In the amazon PPC ads platform, you can find keywords that are related to your products. You need to know which ones are most profitable […]

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How to Leverage Amazon Experiments Tool to Optimize PPC and Amazon Marketing

Amazon Experiments

What is Amazon Experiment Tool Running an Amazon experiment Type of experiments can be run What is Amazon Experiment Tool Amazon Experiment tools is an A/B testing tool provided to sellers. It can help you to measure your performance against two parameters as of today i.e Product Title, A+ Content, and Images. Keep in mind not all products are available for experiments, only product that have high traffic are eligible. Amazon Experiment is available to sellers who have been successfully enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry program. Running an Amazon experiment To run an experiment go to Brands -> Manage […]

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How to do Profit Oriented Amazon Product Research and Budgeting

profitable amazon product research

The first thing which comes to mind when someone thinks of starting to sell on Amazon is how to begin and another major thought is about what to sell on Amazon and make a profit. In this article, I will list down all the possibilities with their respective pros and cons which will help you to engage with Amazon product research in the right and the most suitable way. What has motivated you to think about selling on Amazon? If you are thinking of Amazon as a quick money machine, then you have to STOP NOW! It is not as […]

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How to Avoid Amazon Account Suspension and Get it Reinstated?

key to appeal

Steps For Writing a Convincing Amazon Account Suspension E-mail for the Appeal. Find the Root Cause – First of all, find the root cause of your suspension. Amazon is a fairly mature platform and if you have got your account suspended, there might be some reason behind it. Go through the points mentioned in the above section and make sure that you haven’t done any mistakes that may be the reason for the account getting suspended. Admit Your Mistakes – Amazon is in business for the last 20 years and as with every business, there can be uncertainties that anyone can come […]

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How to Sell Books on Amazon

sell books on Amazon

A very informative survey held in 2017 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) revealed that people in America spend almost 16.8 minutes approximately on reading, and this time is based on per day average calculation. Although the rate dropped to 11 minutes per day, it is still a significant rate.  Amazon Kindle was considered as the first used e-reading device in America in 2018. According to the survey, online book purchasing reached 22% in the United States of America. Book reading is very much popular among people in America. Approximately 74% of the adults spend money on purchasing one […]

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25 Ways to Get Your Sales Rank on Amazon Through The Roof

This sums up our exclusive list of things that you can do to jump up in amazon sales rank.  So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and begin with the strategizing and implementation part, right away, and you will no longer be asking this question – how to get better sales rank on amazon?. If you are just starting out or haven’t started selling on Amazon. You can read this blog post on how to start selling on Amazon. All the best!

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How to Start Selling on Amazon Seller Central

start selling on Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest marketplaces in the world; everyone wants to jump on it and want to be a part of it. But the question is how you can start and leverage it to its best. This article will help you understand the basic steps on how to sell on amazon’s selling platform, which is Amazon Seller Central. Through this service, the seller can use this platform’s powerful distribution network and get the customer base to make their business dream come true. Have you decided to start selling your products on Amazon? But wondering how to sell on […]

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How a single change in Amazon product title made a dead product running

One change for title

Do you have a dead product sitting in your Amazon store and want to increase sales on Amazon? Recently I was approached by one of the clients with the issue of dead product on Amazon. By dead product, I mean the product which was moving at a snail pace. It was selling one every week but the product was in good demand (as other sellers were selling good). I did a small tweak and it has done wonders with the product. It has increased the sale on Amazon. The product was plastic bags used for merchandising and in the stores […]

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Four Most Important Components For Creating Optimized Amazon Listing

Amazon Listing

When it comes to Amazon the most important part is Product and is also the axis of the whole Amazon selling. Products if found and understood by the right customers can do wonders. At the same time if the product is not listed well, found by the right customer but misunderstood by them will lead to bad sales. To avoid this situation, Amazon seller needs to execute Amazon product listing perfectly. I am going to demonstrate how to use all four pillars (Imaging, Title, Bullet Points and Description) to create a rock-solid Amazon listing which attracts buyers and rank on […]

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