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Amazon Seller Consultant who had and will make a difference.

SalesPusher stands for expertise in the field of Amazon. We literally breathe, eat and sleep on Amazon.

An expert Amazon PPC Consultant knows all the tools and strategies to make the most out of Amazon PPC budget, we have a team of trained professionals.

We take care of all the moving parts required to run a successful Amazon business. We do Keyword Optimized Amazon Product Listings, Product Research Based on Data, and Ungating Categories on Amazon.

Amazon Marketing Budgeting

You must divide your marketing budget among different activities not only Amazon PPC. You can do effective Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Social Media Influencer marketing.

A big chunk would go to Amazon PPC while small parts needs to divided to the other activities mentioned above. You need to take care about budgeting while product research and launch.

Amazon PPC Management

Being in business for more than 5 years we know the complete evolution of the Amazon PPC. We provide result oriented Amazon PPC Management Services without extensive skill set.

We have optimized huge accounts with humongous data without Amazon PPC Strategies and bring down the Amazon PPC cost with it. Get in touch with us to boost your Amazon profits.

Amazon PPC Strategy

We don’t employ single size fits all Amazon marketing strategy, we do deep dive into account, products and the exact expectations of the client.  And come up with a Amazon PPC Strategy according to requirements.

If someone has launched a new product you need to spend more on the brand awareness. If someone has crossed the initial product launch phase and want to optimize the profit then it has different strategy. We fix targets and takes your account towards them.

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Amazon PPC Optimization

By defining the end goal we train our guns at ACOS and ROAS. And keep on optimize the campaigns until we reach our desired results.

Amazon PPC Optimization is an ongoing job where in your need to perform optimization set duration of intervals. By using a set schedule we achieve desired goals. Looking to optimize Amazon PPC campaigns? Contact Us Now!


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