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    Success in Amazon PPC takes patience and planning.

    Amazon marketing is a multi-dimensional process where you need to be aware of different campaigns and their effectiveness. At the same time, having a plan to execute different strategies with a system to measure their effectiveness.


    Before starting with the Amazon campaign, we at our agency create a detailed plan. If you don't have a plan to execute, you can't reach your desired goals.


    Campaign structures are the foundation of Amazon's PPC strategies. If you get them right, you can scale up later. We conceptually group campaigns based on intent, type, and strategy, as we plan for scaling up.

    Profit Optmization

    Profit is the holy grail of things that we are doing here, we make sure to increase your profit margins by run effective Amazon PPC campaigns.


    Once we find out winning formula, we scale up from there. We increase revenue by doing aggressive campaigns for the profitable keywords.

    Increase Sales on Amazon with a focused approach on profits.

    Amazon marketing is one of the most effective ways to get sales on Amazon for sellers. We are an Amazon PPC Management agency that will help you succeed on Amazon and increase your profit margins.
    As Amazon is growing, many Amazon paid ads formats are being launched, we use suitable combinations of different ad formats for maximum performance. We use the best Amazon PPC management tools and software for delivering the best results.  A team of Amazon-certified PPC managers for providing managed Amazon PPC services.

    Amazon PPC Management Service

    When it comes to Amazon PPC, we have a very different approach that revolves around profits. We make sure that everything is done right from the starting like pricing for the correct profit margins, optimized Amazon listing, and implementation of best Amazon PPC strategies tailored for your business.
    Amazon PPC is a journey as it involves finding profitable keywords, performing bid management, and structuring your campaigns for better understanding and scalability. We work strategically on these parameters to make sure you get the best value from ad spend.

    Customized Amazon Sponsored Ads Strategy

    Not all size fits all; we create a customized concrete strategy around putting the best possible combination of different Amazon ads formats. We utilize all ad formats starting from Amazon Sponsored Ads, Amazon Brand Ads, and Amazon Display Ads for maximum impact. For the product launch phase, different combinations of Amazon Ad type will be used to increase visibility to get initial reviews and sales. After passing the initial product launch phase, we run profit optimization by performing bid management, keyword harvesting, and putting up negative keywords as part of regular management.

    Amazon Campaign Management

    Using all the Amazon campaign types available for Amazon seller PPC for better visibility. We keep ourselves updated with the latest information regarding Amazon paid ads management to deliver better results.

    Amazon Sponsored Ads are available in three types at the high level, but these ads formats have internal subtypes. For Amazon sponsored ads, it has an automatic, manual product and ASIN targeting. Amazon sponsored brands to have headline ads, product targeting ads, and video ads. While Sponsored display ads primarily provide options for retargeting customers who have viewed your products and target customers with intention or interest in different product categories. 

    Data-driven Amazon Campaign Management

    We make decisions regarding bids, keywords, and all the aspects of the Amazon PPC campaigns based on reporting data. Using this methodology, we make sure that we stick to our goal of profit optimization by providing maximum value on each penny spent on Amazon PPC. This whole process has a complete cycle which has been described below.

    Bid Management 

    Bids are one of the most important levers you can pull for decreasing or increasing your profits. Optimal bids must be placed for getting enough exposure, but at the same time, bids need not be extremely high, as higher bids will exhaust budgets quickly. Our methods are proven for finding the right balance between visibility and sales that turn into desired Amazon advertising costs.

    Keyword Management

    Keywords are the most crucial aspect of your product. If you have put your bets on correct keywords, it will make your product successful, while if you place your bets on the wrong keywords, it will drain your money and be a real problem turning your Amazon business profitable. Our campaign management strategy for keyword optimization will get you the best results.

    Budget Management

    We estimate budgets that will keep your product visible for the maximum time while keeping it profitable. It is one of the building blocks that will help you to scale on the go. We manage the campaign budgets to make sure your product gets the most visibility.

    Regular Reporting

    We provide reports at regular intervals regarding Amazon marketing campaigns and everything we do to keep you updated. Your Amazon PPC management will run on autopilot as you just need to tell your expectations, and we work towards those expectations. 

    Comprehensive Consultation

    There are many aspects of Amazon’s business, like Amazon listings, compliance, and keeping up to date with the latest information. We help you to navigate all those challenges. Our team closely listens and monitors resources about the latest Amazon marketing strategies to keep our client’s business thriving.
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