How to Leverage Amazon Experiments Tool to Optimize PPC and Amazon Marketing

Amazon Experiments
  1. What is Amazon Experiment Tool
  2. Running an Amazon experiment
  3. Type of experiments can be run

What is Amazon Experiment Tool

Amazon Experiment tools is an A/B testing tool provided to sellers. It can help you to measure your performance against two parameters as of today i.e Product Title, A+ Content, and Images. Keep in mind not all products are available for experiments, only product that have high traffic are eligible.

Amazon Experiment is available to sellers who have been successfully enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry program.

Running an Amazon experiment

To run an experiment go to Brands -> Manage Experiments and therein you can run an experiment. You can give a hypothesis i.e the nature of the experiment.

Type of experiments can be run

  • Product Title
  • Main Image
  • A+ Content

You can create two versions of the Product Title and Amazon will randomly show those titles to the buyers. An interesting data that was never available earlier was “Sales By Search and Unit By Search”. It means how many users have searched for any keyword and bought the product for both versions of the title. Your one title might be getting sales when it displays when the user is searching and another one when it is shown below in sponsored ads and related products.

An active Amazon Experiment Tool Result

Apart from it, a straight-on conversion rate comparison is also provided between the two titles. Now the question is how it helps? It helps simply by giving you what is working with buyers when you are running different placements of ads, lets say you have two versions A and B. A is getting more sales when displayed under product bullets point in sponsored ads or related items, in this case, to check your Amazon PPC placement report if you are getting more sales from product detail page placements or top of the search. If it’s a product detail page then you need to keep one that has fewer search sales else if the top of the search has sales then keep another one.

For image, you can change the main image and see its impact as its one of the most important factor which makes a buyer click on your listing. About A+ i haven’t run any test and as some experiment is running your cant run another one.


It really Amaze me how things can turn out to be unexpected, coz we live in our head. But we need to understand data is the only truth all other is fake and lie even what we think, when it comes to Amazon Marketing.

Run tests and make sure to find the best Product Title, Image and Product A+ Content and then push the pedal on Amazon PPC which can help you to run it profitably

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