How a single change in Amazon product title made a dead product running

One change for title

Do you have a dead product sitting in your Amazon store and want to increase sales on Amazon?

Recently I was approached by one of the clients with the issue of dead product on Amazon. By dead product, I mean the product which was moving at a snail pace. It was selling one every week but the product was in good demand (as other sellers were selling good). I did a small tweak and it has done wonders with the product. It has increased the sale on Amazon.

The product was plastic bags used for merchandising and in the stores but it was a pack of 100. Same product, but in the pack of 50 bags was selling at a great pace. As a standard practice, you need to start with images and then title. And found a big room for improvement with product’s title.  Below is the old title

100 Pcs. Thick 2 Mil Plastic Merchandise Bags with Die Cut Handles, Party Favor Bags, Gift Bags, Shopping Bags, Goodie Treat Bags.

This one is the new title

100 Pcs.  Thick 2 Mil Plastic Merchandise Bags with Die Cut Handles, Party Favor Bags, Gift Bags Bulk, Shopping Bags, Goodie Treat Bags.

I added the word BULK and product started moving the very same day. And orders were for more than one unit max, order was for 5 units which come to 5×100 bags = 500 bags, which made me sure that it was the word BULK that worked. The need of most of the buyers will be catered with 50 bags but business users require a lot more. Business buyers search with words like bulk, which put this product on their radar.

If this worked for my client it will work for you. Just follow the below process, which I have outlined here.

  • Check the context of your product, like in this case 50 bags will be used at home most of the time but 100 bags will be consumed mostly by the business owners.
  • Understand the audience and what jargon they use. In this case, business users tend to use words like bulk, commercial grade, and professional. And add these words to your title.
  • Use words which attract eyeballs of your buyers. For fashion, latest is the word which will tickle your potential buyer’s belly. Make them curious and yet satisfying their needs.

Comment below with your problem product’s title and we will suggest you change.

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Gaurav is an Amazon Seller Success Consultant, with vast experience in managing every aspect of Amazon Selling from Listing to Sponsored Ads.

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