Find a Wildly Profitable Supplement to Sell on Amazon: Product Research with Helium10

find profitable supplement to sell on Amazon

Are you looking for selling private label supplements on amazon? Do you want to find the best products that will convert well and have high margins? This article will show you how to use Helium10 software for finding products for selling private label supplements on amazon. With these tips, it should be easy to find a profitable supplement to sell on Amazon!

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I will explain how you can use a set number of parameters on Helium10 Black Box for product research and find great supplements to sell on Amazon. In just a few minutes, in the video above, I found 4-5 dietary supplements that can generate good profit on Amazon. We will be using the keywords tab on Helium 10 Black Box. We will be finding products that are being looked for by buyers on Amazon but not available, or few Amazon FBA sellers are selling. Below are parameters and their significance:-

Search Volume

It designates how many searches are being done by buyers on Amazon on a monthly basis; generally, a minimum of 3500-5000 searches are good enough to start with.

Monthly Revenue

This parameter designates average sales by product ranking on that search term on Amazon. I generally put 5000 as min and max as 10,000 for monthly revenue so that it doesn’t come up with very competitive keywords.


This is one of the important factors as choosing a low price will not be sustainable profitability wise and choose too high will give you keywords that are not very lucrative to buyers. I generally select 15 as min and 25-30 as max in this column.


You need to choose Health & Household from the category list as all the herbal or general supplements are being listed under this category to sell on Amazon.

Keyword Search

This one is the best hack for finding the right supplements to sell on the Amazon marketplace. Health & Household is an extensive category and might not give relevant results regarding the supplements. I generally feel that capsules are the best ones sold on Amazon as data also says so, so put “Capsules” in the keyword search.

Competing Products 

Competing products are the most crucial factor on Amazon that decides if your product will be successful or not. It would be best if you were looking for lower competition and high demand; for that, I start with a maximum of 500 competing products. Helim10 Black Box will show up only those search terms with less than or equal to 500 products competing for those keywords. It also helps in keeping lower Amazon PPC ACOS when running ads.

Here are all parameters for finding supplements to sell on Amazon.

Here are the results I have got. You can always tweak the results by changing parameters. If you are ok with competitive products, increase max competing products, and play around with other parameters. But the above parameters are one of the safe bets I have found.

Conclusion Selling private label supplements on Amazon is a profitable business, but if done right. The first step is to find a supplement that can beat the competition for that choosing the right set of parameters on the Helium10 Black box can do great wonders. If you are looking for approval, launching, or finding a wildly profitable supplement to sell on Amaz, contact us now.

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