Amazon PPC Management: The Ultimate Guide to Boosting Sales and Profitability

Amazon PPC Management Strategies

The Amazon marketplace is a great place to sell your products. But, with so many Amazon sellers out there, it can be hard to get the visibility and sales you want. This blog post will teach you how to reduce ACOS by doing Amazon PPC management in the right way, find profitable keywords and use different types of amazon PPC campaigns in order to gain more visibility and increase your revenue!

1) Find Correct keywords

In the amazon PPC ads platform, you can find keywords that are related to your products. You need to know which ones are most profitable and relevant in order for Amazon PPC campaigns to be successful! Use google keyword planner or amazon’s search suggestions function to determine these words – both of them can be used to find Amazon keywords. Or you can use Helium10 a complete tool for Amazon selling.

2) Run Automatic Campaign

There are different types of amazon PPC campaigns you can run, like manual and automatic. Each one has its benefits: if you want to use Amazon ads for branding or awareness-building then running a manual campaign might be the best option. If you want to sell more items on Amazon and want to run it on an auto-pilot mode, you should run an automatic Amazon PPC campaign. This will help lower your ACOS. Also, in the process, you will also find new keywords that can be used in manual campaigns.

As you can see there are many ways amazon sellers can reduce ACOS and increase visibility on amazon. So do not wait any longer – start using Amazon ads today!

3) Regular Amazon PPC Optimization

Optimization of campaigns is the key task of Amazon PPC Management

  • Add keywords with high cost per click (CPC) to negative targeting. These are the most expensive keywords that your competitors are bidding on and will probably lead to a lower ACOS. 
  • Optimize Amazon PPC campaigns by adding new profitable keywords, especially those for which there is considerable search volume 
  • Update your keywords and bids for Amazon PPC ads on a regular basis to improve performance. 
  • Add new profitable ASINs (items) to manual campaigns specifically for them. 

4) Aggressive Bidding on Converting Keywords

If you want to increase conversion rates, be more aggressive with your bids on keywords that drive sales. Try to be on top of search results for every possible placement like Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and competitor product targeting ads for both brands and sponsored products. If you are going with the conversion-driven model, it is a good idea to split test different bids and see at what range you are getting good conversions.

5) Run Brand Awareness Campaigns on Amazon

One easy way to get more exposure is by running brand awareness campaigns on Amazon. They can be set up with either sponsored brands or video ads and run for as long as you want. If the goal of your campaign is just brand awareness, then this would be a good start!

Sponsored Brands:

This type of advertising will allow your products to be found by interested customers. Reach qualified buyers with the right message and convert them into loyal followers of your brand

Sponsored Video Ads:

Video ads have proven to be a great way to get your brand in front of customers. Video Ads are featured on the search page results and may also show up next to related product searches.

6) Run Amazon Display Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads can be used by people to bring back to your listings.

Amazon Display Retargeting Ads: Amazon recently launched retargeting ads using Amazon display campaigns that can be used by people to bring back to your listings.

You can use a lookback audience with people that have viewed your listing or similar products in the last 30 days and show up for them. These ads have a cheaper cost per click, will show up on top-of-search or under the product description on product pages.


There are many factors you can take into consideration when you want to optimize your Amazon PPC campaign. These include bids, keywords, and campaigns. You will need a team of experts who can help you figure out what to do and how to do it. If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, we can help with Amazon advertising. We do this through our agency-managed service packages that include keyword research, copywriting, ad design, and more. Visit here for Amazon PPC Management.

Gaurav is an Amazon Seller Success Consultant, with vast experience in managing every aspect of Amazon Selling from Listing to Sponsored Ads.

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