25 Ways to Get Your Sales Rank on Amazon Through The Roof

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Amazon has a customer-centric approach, whether it’s product listing that needs to have all the information, responding to customer’s messages in a timely manner or customer reviews, everything revolves around customers. If you want to get better Sales Rank on Amazon you need to bear in mind a simple formula – Customer is the KING. In fact, this is the only factor with which Jeff Bezos created Amazon, and look where it is today!

In this post, we will be discussing 25 different factors that can help to achieve your goal of getting a higher sales rank on Amazon. So, without wasting any time let us take a look at 25 factors that matter the most for achieving higher amazon sales rank:

  1. Time The Launch According To Demand

    launch the product

    Timing is very important when it comes to launching a product online. You need to be wary of the demand for your product line before you launch it. After all, if you want to fly it off the shelf like hotcakes you must find out the best time to launch. For instance, launching gifting products at the end of the year during festivals like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween will take less effort to launch.

    Pro Tip – There are online tools like helium10 that can help you search for in-demand products.

  2. Product Images

    Amazon Product Image

    A picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, images speak a lot more than that – after all, they make the first impression on the customer’s mind. Therefore, using high-quality graphics and images is of utmost importance. Not only they must give a feel-good factor, leaving a lasting impression on the customer, but at the same time build a strong brand reputation as well. Hence using high-quality graphics has to be the first thing on your list!

    Pro Tip – Focus on getting your graphics designed in such a way that they are self-explanatory, as much as they can be. Don’t let the customer work too hard to make a decision – provide them a graphic that lets them make an instant decision!

  3. High Traffic Relevant  Keywords

    high traffic keywords

    Keywords are the second important factor that plays a role in boosting your Amazon Sales Rank. After all, these keywords are the real terms that customers are searching for/ using when looking for something on Amazon. The second thing, therefore, that you need to focus on here is to find high traffic keywords, which are relevant, and use them for your business. 

    Pro Tip – Use tools like Helium 10, Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends to find relevant keywords for your business.

  4. Well-Researched Title

    Once the customer has had an impactful first interaction with your product, from the product images, the next important focus element is the title that you have posted. It is imperative that you use a relevant keyword in the title based on the research you have done using the aforementioned tools so that you keep the algorithms happy.

    Pro Tip – Keep the word limit of the title under check i.e. under 250 characters or whatever the category limit is.

  5. Thorough Bullet Points

    product bullet points

    Once the customer has gone through the product images and the title, they will jump to see how useful the product is or how relevant it is for solving the problem they are facing. The only resource they have for that is the product’s bullet points. You need to invest in writing quality content, which is relevant, KW friendly and self-explanatory.

    Pro Tip – Don’t forget to provide technical specs and sizes in the description to give the customer a better idea of what they are going to get.

  6. Detailed Description

    As important it is to highlight the product title, it is equally important to give a detailed description of the product, the benefits they can reap from it and other relevant information. This is the reason you need to use an appropriate content structure when describing the product. Adding how to use instructions will be a great added advantage.

    Pro Tip – Use bullet points to highlight all these pieces of information and product description for detailed stuff so that it becomes easy for the user to see the relevant stuff.

  7. Smart Pricing 

    Smart pricing

    When the customer is looking for a product online, he/she is looking for a mix of ‘problem-solving product’ and appropriate pricing. You need to give them that. Give the customer lucrative pricing, so that it becomes a ‘deal that is worth grabbing’.

    Pro Tip – Be smart, do a comparative analysis for competitor prices and then create product prices accordingly.

  8. Product Reviews

    Studies have proven time and again that gaining customer trust is one of the most important factors in building your brand online. The same is true for Amazon, just like any other e-commerce platform. So, get as many user reviews as possible so that you can build trust, and make the decision making the process faster for the customer. 
    Pro Tip – Use automated email services like Sagemailer or helium10 messaging service to ask for a review. Beware to not overdo it, as it might end up landing you in spam.

  9. Seller Ratings

    seller ratings

    Just like product reviews give others an idea about the quality of the product they are getting, seller ratings give them an idea about you – the seller of the product. The first is irrelevant without the second. You need to focus on both these aspects at the same time. Good, positive seller rating is one of the quickest ways to get a higher sales rank on Amazon for your products, so you need to focus on them. 

    Pro Tip – Ask for reviews and you will see that most of the customers are willing to provide you with that!

  10. Excellent Response Rate

    There is nothing more frustrating for a customer to not hear back from the seller. This is where the response rate comes into the picture. As a seller, you need to make sure to let the customer know you are hearing to their response. After all, they are the ones that are the reason for your business being where it is. Do whatever it takes to maintain an excellent response rate, and you can become a best seller on amazon with top sales rank.
    Pro Tip – Show gratitude, thank your users for their reviews, respond to their questions, and explain the reason if they did not get a service they expected – empathize with them to let your customers know your business’ human side.

  11.  Coupons and Promotions

    promotions and coupons

    One thing that customers like getting more than the product they are looking for a discount coupon for the same. It is a smart idea to use online promotions and discount coupons to lure customers and become their eye candy. It’s very useful for getting the initial push for the product.

    Pro Tip – Run promotions from time to time, give discounts to repeat customers and employ similar attractive tactics to get them to buy more.

  12. Amazon Sponsored Ads

    Another excellent way to get ranked higher on Amazon is to invest in Amazon ads. This will reflect your product whenever someone searches for a product using keywords or you can target your competitor’s products also. Based on great reviews, the customer is bound to be attracted towards buying your product and you will get a higher sales rank in that amazon category.

    Pro Tip – Target main keywords while creating Amazon sponsored ads campaign, side by side start with product targeting to get impressions and rank products on Amazon.

  13. Facebook Posts 

    social media post

    Nothing beats Facebook as a tool to create a buzz for your brand. This is the reason that businesses are not shying these days to spend big bucks on the social media market. Whether it is customer interaction, group posting or other relevant stuff, you need to focus on social media marketing to create brand awareness and boost your image on Amazon as well. Try creating a following around your brand by creating a Facebook group and share the content from your page or group to other Facebook groups. It will create awareness about your products and you can send external traffic to the Amazon, which Amazon loves a lot.

    Pro Tip – Focus on regular posting, group posting and more on Facebook, while driving campaigns that capture the eye.

  14.  Facebook Advertising 

    Facebook advertising is a relatively cost-effective and targeted means to capture more leads. This will not only help raise awareness about your product but also serve the purpose of brand building. It is like killing two birds with one stone. 

    Pro Tip – Build regular Facebook ad campaigns to maintain effective brand awareness strategies.  

  15. Instagram Posts


    Instagram has emerged as the most powerful tool for business marketing recently. A big part of this lies in the fact that it is a visual platform that allows users to see beautiful graphic content that they can connect with. To reach maximum users, you need to focus on Instagram marketing along with other social media channels as well.

    Pro Tip – Create stories, use relevant hashtags and reach the maximum potential audience. 

  16. Product Quality

    There is no point in creating a buzz about a product unless you maintain the high quality of the product. Amazon takes the quality of products very seriously, so you cannot afford to compromise on this aspect. Therefore, you need to invest heavily in maintaining a high quality of products, no matter what you are selling. Good quality products automatically yield higher product positive reviews which will fuel the sales.

    Pro Tip – An excellent quality product is bound to solve all customer problems, and your problems as well.

  17. Order Defect Rate

    Order Defect Rate

    This should come as a no brainer. As mentioned in the beginning – customer is The KING, and amazon takes it, customers, very seriously. Therefore, you need to ensure the finest quality product, maintaining minimal Order Defect Rate. A high order defect rate would ring alarm bells for Amazon, and you might get penalized instead of climbing higher on Sales Rank. 

    Pro Tip – Ship your orders on time, and maintain excellent quality as amazon measures Order Defect Rate from time to time. 

  18. Healthy Stock Levels

    Don’t forget to maintain your stock – every time amazon’s algorithm sees you ‘out of stock’ it will penalize you by dropping down your rankings. Therefore, apart from focusing on quality and order defect rate, you need to maintain a good inventory and stock as well.

    Pro Tip – There is really no pro tip in this case than maintaining your product in stock all the time!

  19. Repeat Customers

    repeat customer

    Getting repeat customers is good not only for your business sales but also for Amazon Sales Rank as well. Amazon looks at every repeat customer as a factor to rank products higher. Therefore, you need to invest in strategies to retain customers.

    Pro Tip – Use discounts and promotional strategies to keep customers coming back for more.

  20. Questions and Answers

    As a product owner, it is your responsibility to answer the questions that a user might have about your product. This is something you cannot take lightly. Whether it is about creating content with relevant information or answering the queries they might have. As already mentioned, amazon likes businesses that value their customers. So, you cannot afford to miss out on this. 

    Pro Tip – It is a good idea to stuff keywords in your answers to leverage keyword optimization and benefits from it.

  21. Session To Sales Ratio

    Sales To Session

    Another important factor that Amazon’s algorithm considers when ranking products is the session to sales ratio. A high ratio leads to a higher sales rank – as simple as this. This means people who are landing on the listing, looking for the product, are getting what they want, and are satisfied – and customer satisfaction is the key for Amazon. 

    Pro Tip – Be relevant, use keywords wisely to not mislead the customer and you can win higher ranks in Google.

  22. User-Centric, High-Quality Content

    The quality of content can eventually make or break any online business. You need to focus on creating A+ content, which captivates the buyer visually. Grammatically correct, informative and well-researched content is the key. 

    Pro Tip – Informative and clean content is the way to go to climb the ladder of success in Amazon’s sales rank.

  23. Automated Emails For Reviews 

    Amazon Email Reviews

    Email marketing has been the tried and tested formula for success for a number of businesses in the past. You need to leverage this important tool. You can use automated email services like Sagemailer or helium10 messaging service to ask for a review. 

    Pro Tip – Beware to not overdo it, as it might end up landing you in spam.

  24. Backend Search Terms

    Providing the relevant keywords in content is one thing to attract the customers, but at the same time capturing the much-needed attention of amazon bots is equally important. Therefore, you need to make it a priority that backend search terms contain the appropriate keywords. Once that happens you can start to see your amazon sale rank climb immensely.

    Pro Tip – Keep the accurate word count in check, anything more than 250 characters is going to be not indexed by Amazon.

  25. Solve Customer Problems

    At the end of it all, the whole purpose of your product is to solve a problem that the customer is facing. Therefore, you need to emphasize on that problem and make the customer aware of this fact as well in your listings. After all, a happy and aware customer is going to form the backbone of your business and amazon loves businesses that solve customer problems.

    Pro Tip – Just add what customers are not finding in your competitor’s product and you can charge more for your product.

This sums up our exclusive list of things that you can do to jump up in amazon sales rank. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and begin with the strategizing and implementation part, right away, and you will no longer be asking this question – how to get better sales rank on amazon?.

If you are just starting out or haven’t started selling on Amazon. You can read this blog post on how to start selling on Amazon.

All the best!

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